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How to Use Your Hampton Bay Fan Remote

The Home Depot markets its own brand of ceiling fans: Hampton Bay. Many of these fans come with remote controls, which makes it very convenient to change speed settings and turn the fan off and on, without having to get up to access the switch, or the fan itself. Before you can begin to use your Hampton Bay Fan remote control, however, you must properly set it up, which involves installing the receiver. Don’t be alarmed – this is far easier than it sounds.

To begin using your Hampton Bay fan remote control, first turn on the fan to a higher speed. You will first need to verify that the remote is working properly so it’s best to start with the fan on, so that you can use the remote to either shut the fan off or change the speed setting.

  1. Open up the back of the remote by sliding the battery cover off. Insert the correct size battery, which is usually a 9-volt battery. Matching up the electrodes is simple, as the battery will usually only fit in one way (plus, there’s usually a diagram inside the remote compartment, to help ensure you get it right).
  2. Next, it’s time to manipulate the dip switches, commonly referred to as “remote control codes.” The remote receiver comes pre-programmed with a code. Usually, the code can be found printed onto a golden sticker, which is located near the top of the fan or near the motor. You have two choices here:
    1. The recommended action is to use the remote receiver code to program the remote control. This is the simplest method, and the one that works in most households.
    2. If the remote receiver frequency is too close to another wireless device frequency, such as a garage door opener or wireless baby monitor, you may wish to program the remote control and the receiver with a completely different device frequency.
    3. Once you have selected a frequency, change the dip switches on both the remote and the receiver to the code you’ve chosen. Typically, you will find up to 16 available combinations. This ensures that you can find a code that doesn’t match the frequency of other wireless devices in your home.
    4.  The next step is to replace the battery back and test the remote. See if you can change the fan speeds by using the remote.
    5. Your Hampton Bay remote control usually comes with different keys for changing the fan speeds: high, low and medium. Test all of the buttons. If your fan comes with a light, you should also have a light key. Verify that you are able to turn the light on and off. Do the same for the on/off switch.

If you ever lose or damage your remote control, don’t worry – you can contact us to replace the remote, at a reasonable price.


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